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Making You Uncomfortable

December 13, 2023

The dirty Russians are bombing Kyiv with missiles and destroying a children’s playground. Terrible, you say. Of course, it is. The dirty Israelis are bombing Gaza and destroying a children’s playground. KILLING THE CHILDREN, TOO. Self-defense, you say. You stand with Israel. Tell me what I’m missing. I can safely say “dirty Russians” because most […]

Screw Norman Mailer

December 12, 2023

Yesterday I wrote in this journal that “writers write,” profound words I live by. By which I live? Profound? Not really. The sentiment is simple if you write. Either you do it or you don’t. Too many aspiring writers bullshit themselves and the world, talking a good game and posturing. Too many wannabe writers don’t […]

The Masses Are Asses

December 11, 2023

You’re mad at me? I should be mad at you. But I don’t get angry anymore. I don’t get mad at people. I might even be beyond disappointment. All that spent energy is a waste of my time. I accept the world’s harsh reality while trying to change what little I can on my tiny […]

Potato Pancakes For Everybody

December 10, 2023

All the comforts of home greet me when I open my eyes. The other day from under the warmth of the thick blue comforter I saw thin snow fall past the open white bedroom window shutters. I heard geese honking their way south like a symphony playing melodious notes from Hyden’s Trumpet Concerto. Official winter […]

Nothing to Kill or Die For

December 8, 2023

Forty-three years ago tonight, having just put four quarters in the jukebox, I’m standing alone at the end of the G-Man bar listening to the Beatles. I drove the 23 miles from Harrisburg to Carlisle, Pennsylvania because I knew the guy tending bar and had nowhere else in particular to go. Lost and wandering, I’m […]

The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch