Reject “Pro-Death” Senator Bob Casey

Scranton once beckoned as a blessed and powerful haven for the so-called pro-life movement.

In Irish Catholic hard coal country “pro-life” is a deceptive euphemism for cruel anti-abortion zealotry. My Hill Section neighbor and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey once helped lead that fanatical charge against abortion rights for women.

Nobody was more dangerous to women’s rights than Casey.

Now he calls himself an ally, a women’s reproductive rights champion campaigning widely for re-election on an abortion rights platform. He and his supporters conveniently ignore Casey’s own unhinged fight for decades to do everything in his power to help overturn America’s once sacred constitutional right to an abortion.

I pressured Casey’s office staff for years before a press aide long ago confirmed Casey’s hope for the U.S. Supreme Court to reverse Roe v. Wade. Casey finally got his wish when maniac justices did just that in 2022. Women have already died as a result of that decision. More will likely die during Casey’s re-election campaign.

Now Casey bemoans the deadly decision to which he helped give birth.

“This Supreme Court, a right wing Supreme Court, tore away a 49-year right for women,” Casey said during a campaign event in Philadelphia on Jan. 26.

Casey desperately wants to be re-elected. To win, Casey needs women who support abortion rights to vote for him. Thinking women should beware of this human Trojan horse’s ass. Bob Casey is not what he looks like. No friend to women, Casey poses a threat to any person who expects human rights to be part of the American Way.

Like President Joe Biden, practicing Catholic Casey supports sexist church elders who demonize women if they dare disagree that abortion is a murderous mortal sin and should be illegal. These men all deserve our scorn, not our support. A woman’s voice never matters to a dangerous, bigoted patriarchy.

Blame Casey and Biden for women dying in Gaza as well.

Casey proudly lines up with Israeli savagery as one of America’s leading “pro-death” senators in the continuing genocide against the Palestinian people — a cold-blooded enabler of death to Gazan children and others who perish in the continuing Israeli slaughter by American made bombs, some manufactured in the General Dynamics ammunition plant in Casey’s Scranton hometown.

This weak and timid pretender whom protestors call “Butcher Bobby” wholeheartedly supports the American bankrolled Israeli carnage. Israeli special interests are so thankful for Casey’s honorary Zionism they have paid him for his trouble. On May 20 the Democratic Majority for Israel political action committee (DMFI PAC) announced on X, formerly known as Twitter, how proud the group is to endorse Casey “for reelection in the battleground state of Pennsylvania.”

“He’s a proud pro-Israel Democrat and a devoted public servant who is deeply committed to improving the lives of PA’s communities and families” the announcement said.

“DMFI PAC does not announce its future spending plans, but has a record of notable investments in support of its endorsees,” POLITICO recently reported. “In 2022, the group spent more than $7 million on independent expenditures, primarily in House races.”

Expect much more pro-Israel money for Casey’s campaign as long as he continues to do Israel’s bidding. Pro-Israeli manipulators are flush with cash to buy American politicians as long as our servile elected representatives keep following orders to feed the Israeli killing machine.

In a tight election Casey is not assured to win, third-party candidate Leila Hazou offers a far better alternative to the 64-year-old warmonger. Hazou, a Palestinian woman, says “she can no longer sit idly by and witness her country openly support the ongoing oppression funded by U.S. taxpayers.”

Campaigning with integrity, Hazou also remains consistent in her support and fight for abortion rights. Hazou stands for choice — including the choice to vote for a strong progressive woman who refuses to accept and vote for chauvinist hustler Casey who, instead of abusing women with anti-abortion hatred, now uses women for his own egotistical white male benefit.

Never trust a hypocrite.

In a June 2022 statement Casey said the Supreme Court overturning Roe V. Wade “upends almost a half century of legal precedent and rips away a constitutional right that generations of women have known their entire lives. This dangerous ruling won’t end abortions in this country, but it will put women’s lives at risk. And make no mistake—this is not the end goal, it’s just the beginning. Republicans in Congress want to pass federal legislation to completely ban abortion. Our daughters and granddaughters should not grow up with fewer rights than their mothers.”

Never forget Casey opposed abortion rights for years. So did other powerful Democrats. Biden once opposed abortion and believed Roe V. Wade was wrongly decided. President Barack Obama refused to lead Democratic majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate to strengthen abortion rights and make choice the law of the land.

Now Casey wants to “allow” women to control their own bodies, even using female members of his own family to stand as future beacons of feminist liberty.

Gazan women need not apply. Gazan women lose their human rights when they die in a Casey-sanctioned Israeli bombing raid. Dead Gazan children can’t even grow up to vote for democracy. White-hot red, white and blue hypocrisy is only one cruel reason Pennsylvania voters should not want Casey re-elected.

When you cast a vote for credibility in November, remember this: Casey has none.