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Breakfast at Bobby’s

January 12, 2024

Already bloated business swells and other ill-intentioned corporate capitalists bellied up to the trough this morning for yet another downtown Scranton Chamber of Commerce breakfast, this time embracing dull company man and U.S. Sen. Bobby Casey as featured speaker. Raising Palestinian flags and protest placards, about a dozen of Casey’s constituents lined the sidewalk in […]

Hot Dog Soup

December 18, 2023

Grandpa fell off the commode Saturday night, busting open his head on the edge of the already cracked white porcelain sink. Hubby Frank drove home drunk from the afternoon show at Butts and Bolts gentlemen’s club on his Harley Fat Boy, fighting off multiple images of oncoming headlights in several lanes of traffic. The kids […]

Dunite Spirits Speak

December 16, 2023

A ghostly spirit came to me in a swirling vision last night and ordered, “No more ‘excess’ writing for a while.” “In the next nine months you will write only a handful of journal entries, essays and columns,” said Gavin Arthur, the leader of the tribe who oversees the legacy of the mysterious California Central […]

Peace Is Paradise

December 14, 2023

Many years ago in a different life in a different world I sat at the kitchen table drinking Rolling Rock beer and wondering if I could ever get a full-time daily newspaper job writing the personal journalism that eventually shaped my identity and served as my calling card and meal ticket. At the time I […]

Making You Uncomfortable

December 13, 2023

The dirty Russians are bombing Kyiv with missiles and destroying a children’s playground. Terrible, you say. Of course, it is. The dirty Israelis are bombing Gaza and destroying a children’s playground. KILLING THE CHILDREN, TOO. Self-defense, you say. You stand with Israel. Tell me what I’m missing. I can safely say “dirty Russians” because most […]

The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch