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Swan Dive! Ch. 3: New Jersey Nightmare

June 1, 2022

Just like that, out of nowhere, Sam Bennett delivered to a stranger on the beach an impromptu ornithology lesson. “A gull can eat up to 20 percent of its body weight in food each day,” the shriveled sun-cured senior citizen said. “That’s a lot of french fries,” Marty Durkin said. “A group of gulls is […]

Armed and Dangerous: A Short Story

May 27, 2022

Every man, woman and child in the civic arena rose to their feet when little Sally Rumple took the podium. Dressed in a camouflage patterned sun dress, the freckled second grader wore blond pigtails and a sunny smile. “I can shoot the eyes out of a potato,” she said into the microphone in a Minnie […]

Swan Dive! Ch. 2: Foulmouthed Beach Bird

May 25, 2022

Whatever it took to save the world, Ruby Arenas worked all the shifts she could get as a server at RayRay’s Elbow Room to earn money for her master’s degree in environmental science at the University of South Florida in Tampa. RayRay promised to hire the 25-year-old nature lover fulltime as soon as he had […]

Swan Dive! Ch. 1: So You Want To Be a Bird?

May 18, 2022

For Sam Bennett the end of the world didn’t seem all that far away. Standing on a wobbly left leg covered in mosquito bite scabs, he faced the smeared full length mirror he hauled from a Dumpster and leaned against the wall of his bedroom. Putting both thumbs under both arms, he began to flap […]

Dear Nancy Pelosi

May 17, 2022

Did the snotty kid who answered the phone yesterday in your Washington office tell you I called? Did he pass along my message as promised? Will somebody ever get back to me? The little sneak probably never even wrote down my email address after I demanded he read my online handle back to me three […]

The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch