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Mr. Trump’s Personal Vietnam

October 14, 2020

Trump dodged the draft, didn’t he? Wilkes-Barre Mayor and Irish Guys President Spuds McAnus shakes his head at Coal Hole bartender and Irish Guys Vice President Mikey Hoyle. Please show some respect to the president. Well, did he or didn’t he? McAnus puts down his beer and explains. Mr. Trump is America’s commander-in-chief. Our soldiers […]

Trump Is Healed

October 13, 2020

At 10 am, Irish Guys Vice President Mikey Hoyle finishes his first beer of what is shaping up as a fine Tuesday morning. Blessing himself, he makes his first prolific announcement of the day. The president says he’s healed. Two bar stools down, Wilkes-Barre Mayor and Irish Guys President Spuds McAnus says, thank God. Thank […]

Make America Hate Again

October 12, 2020

Are we a militia, mayor? The Irish Guys are a social club, Mikey. We’re ethnics, right? Irish, says Spuds McAnus. Trump Irish, Mikey says. That’s us, says the mayor. What about them socialist Scranton Biden Irish? Just Biden their time, McAnus says. Are there any Irish of color? Bite your tongue, Mikey. What’s black Irish […]

Making America Great

October 6, 2020

Invitations are going out faster than Russian mail-in ballots for Saturday’s Irish Guys pro-Trump rally at their local Wilkes-Barre pub. Here’s what the invite says: “NO MASKS ALLOWED. “Show your support and your balls by packing the Coal Hole for a ‘WE SUPPORT THE PRESIDENT CLAMBAKE,’ an all-you-can-drink fund-raiser that includes beer and wine. Fifty-fifty […]

Trashiest Book Ever

September 25, 2020

The woman from Haddonfield, New Jersey, wrote to me on stationary decorated with sky blue and lilac butterflies. “This is the trashiest book I’ve ever read…so much so I’d never pass it on to anyone else,” she wrote. So she stuffed her copy in an envelope and sent it to me at my home address. […]

The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch