Michael Jackson Lives

In 2005 a man we’ll call Artist X never missed a day in court during Michael Jackson’s four-month-long child molestation trial.

Picking up his pen one day in a California courtroom, the artist opened a reporter’s notebook to a clean lined page. Never taking his eyes off Jackson who sat pale as a grim zombie, Artist X began to sketch. When he finished, a ghostly image stared back.

Artist X foresaw the death of Michael Jackson. Four years later Jackson died. The legendary pop star would never reclaim his luster. Today all that remains of Artist X’s premonition is that lone dark sketch, the Michael Jackson Death Mask.

Jackson personally posed for the sketch whether he knew it or not – and he knew the eyes of the world were on him in all his tortured glory. Unlike legendary courtroom artist Bill Robles and other professionals who sat in that courtroom, Artist X never before sketched anyone. Other than tracing comic book covers when he was a child about 60 years ago, this stark drawing was his first. He vows it will be his last.

Artist X has never publicly shared this story. Now he offers the drawing that looks like a cross between a Picasso and a John Lennon lithograph. Now he offers a one-of-a-kind picture of life and death that captures a cultural icon unlike any other.

The original sketch is missing. About eight or so copies he created on an office copying machine are missing as well. Only one print remains. That portrait breathes. Michael Jackson exists in those vibrant black lines.

The search continues for the original as well as the missing copies. Circumstantial evidence indicates they all might one day be found. If that happens, the owner will possess all that remains of the mask. If the items go mislaid, the mystery grows stronger.

Either way, the owner of the sketch stands to benefit from any and all displays of this sacred image. Like the Shroud of Turin, the Michael Jackson mask holds meaning for true believers. Even now it’s fair to say the late King of Pop still possesses more true believers than does Jesus.

Marketing for everything from bath towels to t-shirts, posters and mugs will grow from this eerie likeness. A greater investment than the sequined glove and red leather Thriller jacket, the power of this supernatural image lasts eternally to be copied over and over again.

Artist X is parting with his work because the burden of this creation is simply too much to bear. Artist X plans to retreat into deep reflection as he writes and ponders his own mortality and the existence of the planet.

Michael is gone but his spirit lives forever.

I am Artist X.

One million dollars secures all rights for this nostalgic work of exquisite, raw art. To view the sketch, potential buyers should contact me at steve.corbett51@gmail.com