The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch

Pee Soup

August 17, 2021

At his end of his retirement party, Shorty stood onstage at the microphone and tried to be funny. No, he said, I’m not giving away my stock portfolio. The crowd roared its appreciation. Samantha and Jason, his children, clapped the loudest. Soon they would run their father’s pea soup empire. Soon they would know the […]

A Letter To Shamus’ Namesake

August 8, 2021

Dear Seamus, My father “Shamus” Corbett, your great-grandfather’s brother and the man after whom you are named, lived during a changing time. Born in 1919, he experienced untold advances in the world before he died in 1997 at age 78. Shamus knew, as the proverb teaches, that “time and tide wait for no man.” He […]

Neglect Plagues Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Airport

August 3, 2021

On the very day Pennsylvania’s COVID cases screamed from 200-a-day to 1,000-a-day and the CDC issued desperate new masking guidelines to save lives, the director of the airport President Joe Biden flies into when he comes home to Scranton sent me a thank you note. Frankly, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport Executive Director Carl Beardsley’s message is […]

The White House: A Short Story

July 24, 2021

You’d have thought bartender Mikey Hoyle hit the lottery when he asked the first drinker of the day the biggest question of his thus-far unsuccessful life. You see what Scranton City Council did the other night? Blinkers O’Malley looked up from reading the Times-Tribune obituaries to make sure he wasn’t in them. Passed a resolution […]

What’s That Spell? A Short Story

June 30, 2021

From a distance, Tracy looked like any other rural high school cheerleader resplendent in her long straight hair, colored knee socks, short pleated skirt, bright sweater and assorted rustic hometown wholesomeness. More and more in her daydreams, though, she fantasized about combat fatigues. With cammies on the brain, Tracy wanted to kill ’em all, let […]

The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch