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Bugging Out About Scranton

October 22, 2021

Soaring high above Scranton, Air Force One carrying President Joe Biden looked like a flying piss ant in the sky. Look at the picture of the plane I took Wednesday. Think for a moment about the infestation of publicly funded White House staffers about to land and tell me you don’t feel like bugs are […]

The Weekly Critter: A Short Story

October 13, 2021

Facing what remained of a chafed and grizzled newsroom staff, publisher and editor Ace King stood with hands on hips, a red and black silk club tie neatly knotted around his neck. Starched monogrammed French cuffs on a white shirt protruded about a half inch from the sleeves of an Italian black double-breasted suit with […]

No New Tricks: A Short Story

September 29, 2021

By the end of September only a few leaves on the mountain trees had changed. Deep orange, red and yellow hues excited Buck each year the seasons turned. You could count on the plentiful harvest colors appearing as sure as shooting. But the long walks in the woods with Petey were over. Crows still cried […]

Mad for Love: A Short Story

September 23, 2021

Blanche lost her husband Skinner to the war, once telling a perfect stranger while picking through carrots and celery in the produce aisle at the supermarket that her husband didn’t die in vain. “No, he did not, dear,” the older woman said, leaning in for a hug. “He lived in vain,” Blanche said. Then she […]

Skeeter Dillon Lives!

September 17, 2021

Twangy country song lyrics ricocheted off the hospital’s sixth-floor ceiling and bounced up and down the hall. “Tell me you don’t love me no more, darling. Make it hurt so I’ll remember you,” the patient sang at the top of his lungs. Head nurse Tammy Willows rushed to the single room and almost fainted when […]

The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch