The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch

Swan Dive! Ch. 20: Mankind Must Pay

September 30, 2022

Rain felt like hornet stings on Sam Bennett’s face as he stood alone on the beach. The sky looked angry, more ominous than he ever remembered. Clouds climbed horizontally high into the sky clawing their way from the streaked horizon before curling and rolling like great mad tidal waves in the darkening atmosphere. Mother Nature […]


September 28, 2022

Out of respect for friends and others facing destruction in Florida, I’m putting on hold today’s chapter of Swan Dive! My serialized novel is set in Clearwater Beach, one of many Gulf Coast communities currently at risk of suffering damage and loss in the mounting fury of Hurricane Ian. So stay calm, stay smart and […]

Swan Dive! Ch. 19: Beyond the Sun

September 21, 2022

Flying made perfect sense to young Sammy. From his first blurred glimpse of the mother gull taking to the sky, flight offered an aerial experience he needed to explore. Speeding aloft afforded the promise of the cosmos, an unending journey to everywhere and nowhere at the same time, a refuge where no beginning or end […]

Swan Dive! Ch. 18: From RayRay’s With Love

September 14, 2022

Bleary-eyed as a potato liquor-loaded gulag guard, Russian bruiser Ivan Popov opened his Spyglass Apartment door and stared through red glassy eyes at the woman who had come knocking. “Nostovia,” the woman said in an Irish accent. “Let’s get drunk!” One half of Kim Phillips’ breakaway split personality, Tara pushed her way into the room […]

Swan Dive! Ch. 17: Shootout at RayRay’s

September 7, 2022

Stopping in mid-slurp, Randall Lark dropped his oyster on the half-shell loaded with horseradish and hot sauce. Wiping his mouth and hands on a white cloth napkin – RayRay insisted on white cloth napkins for the bar no matter how dirty they got or how much it cost to have them cleaned – he prepared […]

The Outlaw Steve Corbett ink splotch