You Better Listen!

Tight as a prison cage, the WILK News Radio studio pulsed with raw energy and colorful strings of apocalyptic lights. That’s the way I remember the decade I spent behind the mic in that corporate padded cell.

I’ve been gone for more than three years, fired in March 2017 for what bosses said were bad ratings and I said was retribution for my fight against Donald Trump and his cult during the 2016 presidential campaign.

I return to those airways Monday, August 31, at 10:05 AM for an interview with host Jason Barsky, a caller this time, there to talk about my new novel, Paddy’s Day in Trump Town.

My book is about a mindset, a bunker mentality that shelters a dangerous bigotry that plagues the lives of many of my former callers who day-after-day saw me as a threat to their way of life.

I saw them as the enemy.

Neither of us has changed our perception about the other.

Neither of us is wrong.

This is a novel about white working-and-middle-class men and women who will do anything to guarantee Trump’s re-election, a warning that Trump will win again unless Democrats pick up their dull pace and excite more people about dreary Joe Biden.

The book is a primer on politics, hatred and Northeastern Pennsylvania ethnic culture. The book is about us. The book is a ticking time bomb.

Tune in Monday.

You better listen.