The Masses Are Asses

You’re mad at me?

I should be mad at you.

But I don’t get angry anymore. I don’t get mad at people. I might even be beyond disappointment.

All that spent energy is a waste of my time.

I accept the world’s harsh reality while trying to change what little I can on my tiny speck of the planet, maintain my personal integrity and balance my peace of mind. I read, write and think each day, spending hours talking with Stephanie about why normally decent people I know willingly ignore the genocide – yes, I said genocide – taking place in Gaza as we speak.

Don’t get mad at me. I’m merely sharing the word many experts on genocide agree meets the accepted definition – genocide carried out by Israel and their American backers in the aftermath of the October 7 Hamas atrocity.

This might mean you.

The Doctors Without Borders executive director recently said the sole American vote to sink a United Nations Security Council humanitarian ceasefire resolution was a vote for inhumanity and that the United States is complicit in the carnage.

I’m with him.

Democratic President Joe Biden recently bypassed the normal congressional review in order to send more tank ammunition to Israel.

I’m not with him.

And a recent detailed New York Times investigation provided documented evidence that proved how the Israeli government – with the approval of three American presidents – has for decades supported and even encouraged Hamas by channeling hundreds of millions of dollar in suitcases full of cash to Hamas through the government Quatar.

“During a 2018 cabinet meeting, Mr. Netanyahu’s aides presented a new plan: Every month, the Qatari government would make millions of dollars in cash payments directly to people in Gaza as part of a cease-fire agreement with Hamas,” the New York Times report said.

Didn’t know that, did you? Go ahead, reject the report. Of course, you know more than the Times. You don’t trust the Times. You don’t read the Times. And you call yourself a liberal? A Democrat? A Republican? Independent?

Do I care what you think about neglecting facts that shape our future? It depends. Your ignorance is context-driven, as the former president of the University of Pennsylvania might say. Christmas is coming so you might have missed the news with office parties and all that. I care more about what I think, what drives me to a better understanding of crucial moral issues of the day.

I care more about sharing what I think, as well.

That’s what writers do.

I said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t respect mainstream American opinion but respect people’s right to express themselves. The masses are asses, especially more and more registered Democrats. I take for granted that Republicans shape the rump of the jackass. Democrats now form the head as more and more Democrats too willingly march lockstep into the mouth of the abyss that one day might close and consume democracy and free expression forever.

Freedom depends on knowledge and wisdom – especially when the odds are against you. You’ve got to be willing to stand up in the face of adversity to oppose injustice and find empathy in your heart.

Then you’ve got to act.

Say something.

Do something.

Free Palestine.

Still mad at me?