The Legend of the Black Shamrock

We’re not bogus knights in shining armor like the online Order of the Black Shamrock.  We don’t play in an LA rock band named Black Shamrock.

We’re a different breed, those of us born in the shadow of the black shamrock. That’s why I chose this dark image to appear as part of the symbolism on my author’s page. 

You, too, might share this mysterious lineage. Some of you don’t know the depth of your roots. So this magic tale of origin, the legend of the black shamrock, might finally set you free.

Once you recognize your connection, I urge you to wield your wisdom. Once you know your true nature, use your power to stand against evil. Mostly, tell the truth.

We’re not Druids but these wise men and women helped us in the past.

Stout-hearted Druids discovered the first black shamrock sprouting thousands of years ago from rugged cracks in harsh cliffs on the raw western edge of Ireland. Pushing to life in tough terrain, this coal-hued three-leaf clover bent to no one.

Our ancient psychic strain grew in pitch-dark night beneath the stars. High priests first wrote of harvesting her seeds to plant in hidden gardens. They used her leaves for tea, a strange brew that warmed the insides and cast shadows on the brain, the likes of which nobody had ever seen and only dauntless seers could handle. Mystics called the visions prophetic. Our enemies called the dreams diabolical delusions. Bards and chieftains, those of us touched by their alchemy, called the shadows ideas.

My ideas are born of the black shamrock. Yours can be, too, but only if you dare. The shadow of the black shamrock can help you unlock outlaw ideas of your own.

Both you and the world will be better for it.

I invite you to join me regularly on this page.

Please come in.