Popping Johnny Popko and Me

The name “Johnny Popko” reaches out and grabs you, squeezing like a smooth Ukrainian cage fighter crushing a stranglehold on a terrible tattooed opponent. A gentle man by nature, Popko still snaps and crackles as the laid-back host of an increasingly popular internet radio podcast that puts imitators to shame.

Mature, smart, thick-skinned, all attributes for survival in the thin-skinned world of local online entertainment, Popko takes chances. That’s where he breaks from a petty pack that gets caught coughing in his dust.

Most Popko guests hail from the music world, usually regional, talented and sometimes hard to label. Some are cultural oddities. Others spew false importance. Popko treats them all respectfully. He makes his interviews look easy.

A pro stays calm when the locusts land.

Popko doesn’t let the bugs bother him.

Because he’s composed, his audience learns something deeper about his guests. Because of Popko’s aura, everybody settles down and goes deeper into themselves than what we see when a conversation falls into the hands of less skilled hosts.

Johnny Popko.

An alias?

A brand?

All of the above.

The Steamtown Music Awards recently honored him to be the recipient of two awards – local radio/podcast/streaming personality of the year and his show, ALT-Natives on ALT 92.1, won local podcast/streaming series/radio series of the year.

“I am so proud of what I’m able to do on ALT-Natives on ALT 92.1 and so honored to be a part of the local music scene here in Northeastern Pennsylvania,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

So I was pleased to recently share the platform with the man himself and let the NEPA establishment tight asses know I’m still riding hard with a powerful message to deliver.

Here’s us – Popping Johnny Popko and me, The Outlaw Corbett, rattling cages for the benefit of civilization.

ALT-Natives After Hours Podcast Ep 39: Popko with the legendary outlaw Steve Corbett

During episode 39 of the ALT-Natives After Hours podcast, Popko steps outside of his comfort zone of local musicians and is joined by the legendary outlaw Steve Corbett. Steve has decades of experience in media as an award winning journalist, columnist, radio talk show host and now novelist. Topics discussed:- His new novel Paddy’s Day in Trump Town- What the world might look like if Trump wins the 2020 election- What the world might look like if Biden wins the 2020 election- Corbett's history in NEPA media and beyond- What we need to do to heal and move forward as a society- Racism, bigotry, law enforcement and education- and more – also visit theoutlawcorbett.com �Brought to you by Axelrad Screen Printing, LT Verrastro Inc and Coors LightThe views and opinions expressed by the guest(s) of this podcast do not neccessarily reflect those of the host, the hosts' place of employment or the sponsors.

Posted by ALT-Natives on ALT 92.1 on Thursday, September 17, 2020

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