Maya Poems of Isla Mujeres

Maya moon goddess Ixchel guards the entrance to Punta Sur.  

Giver of life to humans and nature, she protects women above all, offering refuge on this island of women from pirates who plunder at their own risk.

Marauders die.

Ixchel lives.

Giving birth to purple rainbows, our mighty ancient diety gives us love when we most need her warm embrace.

Fierce when necessary, directing floods and storms, Ixchel punishes mad ravers who betray kindness.

A sea turtle sits atop her head. Other times a snake decorated with human bones wraps around her head and neck. Claws shape her feet. Holding a fertility fish, she brings nourishment and breath to the Mexican Yucat√°n Peninsula where we walk softly the sacred land of our earthly existence.