Kamala Harris for President?

As of now either Democrat Joe Biden or Republican Donald Trump will be elected America’s next commander-in-chief. Despite the deep dismal failings of the Democratic Party, I’d rather they win.

But I won’t help. I won’t vote for Biden. I might vote for Vice President Kamala Harris if she replaces her boss on the November ticket.

Biden will lose if he runs.

Harris will win if she runs only if Democrats unleash a massive support campaign by assembling everybody Trump Republicans hate to put her over the top and into the White House. Trump might still pull out the win, maybe even by a landslide. Strategically, Kamala is the Democrats’ best weapon.

I quit the Democratic Party this year because Biden-led Democrats are complicit in the American-financed Israeli genocide in Gaza. I vowed never to vote for any Democrat who endorsed Biden’s support for Israeli zealots. If Kamala promises to help Palestinians rather than stand blindly with the exterminator Jewish state, I’ll think about voting for her.

When I voted for Biden in 2020 I actually voted for Harris. The ticket needed me to help beat Trump, whom I consider a madman capable of anything. The Democrats needed me even though not one Democrat among that pampered party extended me the courtesy of asking for my help.

America needed me. Now America needs Biden. We need the decrepit, self-absorbed 81-year-old to leave the ticket and make way for a fresh resurgence of leadership and the future of democracy.

Biden can step aside gracefully.

At least now he can step aside gracefully.

I won’t be surprised if Biden succumbs to physical and mental stress before the November election and collapses from a stroke or heart attack and even dies. The man has already suffered two brain aneurysms. Surgeries for those severe medical conditions occurred in 1988, 36 years ago when Biden was 45 years old and far more lucid than he is today.

Harris turns 60 one month before Election Day, a decade younger than Oprah who might make a good running mate. Just kidding. Whoever does run with Kamala, and I don’t mean Hillary, Michelle Obama or Beyoncé, will only add to her Black power.

White and Black women will vote for Kamala. Latinas will vote for Kamala. Uncommitted women will vote for Kamala. LGBTQ+ people will vote for Kamala. Potheads will vote for Kamala. Some traitor Republicans will vote for Kamala. Countless independent men across America will vote for Kamala too. If the Lord Almighty comes down, he’ll probably vote for Kamala as well.

Add more votes for Democrats depending on whom party puppeteers and donors choose to run with her. Pennsylvania rookie Gov. Josh Shapiro is a possibility. The wannabe Israeli prime minister and unbridled political opportunist can bring the swing from Commonwealth voters.

“Bring the swing!” even sounds like a sappy PR script for a flashy TV commercial geared to entice woke suburban Philadelphia women who will sucker for a nice interracial couple on the ticket. Like Kamala’s husband, Josh is a Jew too!

Except for obedient soldiers following orders and standing with Israel, most other voters from demographic groups I named will not vote for Biden if he remains on the ticket.

Democrats will lose.

America will lose.

Rednecks will win. Some particularly narrow-minded men will get so excited about Trump they’ll donate their already late child support checks to this gold-plated good old boy who brought us Jan. 6. Half of America is comprised of rednecks and tens of millions of them, more than the last time, including their women, will vote for Trump. Never forget that every Trump voter is a redneck at heart and proud of it.

This time Trump might really hang Mike Pence.

I have to admit I do like a good fight.

So if Trump does win, blame Biden, not me. Blame dirty, double-dealing Democrats, not me. Blame the Lord Almighty, not me.

Even without my vote Kamala Harris can win the White House. We need her public service experience. We need her prosecutorial savvy. We need her laugh. If Kamala flashes that big smile that’s even better than Biden’s and gets the nation laughing at Trump during a televised debate, Trump won’t know how to act.

For Kamala to win, Biden has to publicly withdraw from the re-election race and tell his delegates to support Kamala before the Aug. 9th Democratic National Convention begins. I’d prefer if Biden resigns from office immediately and Kamala takes over as soon as possible. Biden needs to accept reality while he’s still able to discern reality.

Time marches on, man.

No more malarkey.