In America This Morning

Carnage feeds fear today in Ukraine.

Terrified civilians lack sustenance throughout their nation as desperation and deprivation replace food, water, heat and electricity.

In America this morning, my indoor plumbing worked.

My commode flushed.

One-ply toilet paper felt soft to the touch.

Perfumed soap lathered my hands beneath hot running water from the bathroom sink.

Cold running water from the kitchen sink washed fresh apples I bathed in honey and cinnamon.

More hot water and soap suds washed and rinsed the cutting board and knife. I smiled at bright tiny bubbles floating in the air, reflecting sunshine from the window.

Chopped apple, honey and cinnamon cooked in the microwave.

Oatmeal thickened.

Soy milk warmed.

Adding fresh dried cranberries to my bowl, I sat at the table in the comfort of my sturdy, old house heated with natural gas, eating breakfast and reading newspaper stories about the ravages of war. Comforting tick-tocks from the antique clock in the foyer reminded me of passing time in my life.

Finishing my leisurely meal, I washed the bowl, wiped up the counter, put away the cutting board and wondered how often most Americans ponder the simple blessings in our lives. What sacrifices do they make to fortify the human species? What do they give up to make themselves stronger during terrible times in Ukraine where millions of people worry minute-to-minute about merely surviving.

Their commodes don’t flush.

Toilet paper and soap become priceless.

So does water, running or otherwise.

Fresh apples vanish as rare treasures.

Honey dwindles.

Cinnamon decreases.

Thoughts of nuclear radiation replace warmth from a microwave oven.

Hungry babies crave oatmeal.

Thoughts of fresh, dried cranberries and soy milk are laughable if you have the strength and will to laugh.

Russians bomb natural gas lines.

Newspapers fail to publish.

Time marches on as Ukrainians yearn for the past simple pleasures of their lives.

In America this morning, millions of people prepare to celebrate being born in the USA by marching up a green line painted down the middle of the street, drinking green beer and dressing like ape-faced leprechauns.

In America this morning, self-absorbed greed flaunts raw ego on display.

In America this morning, silly societal fantasy continues to unfold.