Corbett on Volpe

Always smart in a dark business suit, silk tie and pocket square, trial attorney Chuck Volpe cuts a sharp impression. Secure among the rich and powerful, he hosts public civic soirees and behind-closed-door private business meetings.

Volpe is a player and independent thinker.

That’s what makes him dangerous to the political status quo, especially to his own Democratic Party, members of which he regularly confronts.

Volpe likes the challenge, one reason I like him.

Political hacks fear him. Shady hustlers avoid him. Mighty insider confidants seek him out.

For 13 seasons Volpe has hosted his own interview show on WOLF TV, FOX 56, where he talks politics, commerce and culture with Commonwealth powerbrokers. Topics slant heavily toward life in Northeastern Pennsylvania but Volpe’s reach extends into the boardrooms and backrooms of state and national political circles.

Expert at what he does, Volpe’s courtroom experience is clear.

So is his business savvy and expertise.

When we recently spoke on the air, he impressed me with his ability to analyze electioneering and statecraft at a high level as well as with his ability to understand white ethnic working-class values that still drive hard coal country.

Volpe sees politics the same way I do – a blood sport that requires men and women willing to fight for what is right, not what is politically expedient.

That’s why we both expressed concern that Democrats are not doing enough to beat President Donald Trump in his re-election bid.

That’s why we want establishment elites, mostly well-known elected while male officials in our communities, to pick up the pace or suffer an Election Day loss that will hurt and even kill countless people.

Here’s the link so you can see for yourself: