Attention All Irish Guys

Mikey Hoyle led the pledge of allegiance as vice president of the Irish Guys social club then got down to business at the emergency meeting.

Can we wear our MAGA caps when we protest Joe Biden landing Saturday at the airport?

I bought a new one special for the occasion, said Irish Guys president and Wilkes-Barre Mayor Spuds McAnus.

Holding aloft their MAGA caps the guys in the bar backroom all cheered.

A shaky Mikey Hoyle seemed particularly nervous.

Won’t security stop us?

Some of our guys are working security, the mayor said.

I don’t want to get arrested again, Mikey Hoyle said.

A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

My probation officer says I should stay home.

He’s just another turncoat riding with Biden, the mayor said.

His mother’s a Democratic committeewoman who bought him the job with the county.

He’s like a looter taking something that shouldn’t belong to him, the mayor said.

Biden isn’t even coming to Wilkes-Barre city, is he?

Biden’s going where all those libtard suburban housewives live near Dallas borough, the mayor said.

You think Biden will think he’s in Dallas, Texas instead of Northeastern Pennsylvania?

There’s a Puerto Rican and almost no Mexicans living in our Dallas, McAnus said.

The killers and rapists are all locked up at the state prison near there.

The Blacks are here, though.

They moved here from Philadelphia to take our affirmative action jobs in the prison.

There can’t be too many of them.

No, you always had to be white to be a state prison guard here and have a good reference from somebody like me. I got lots of Irish Guys jobs working out there.

Good state benefits at the prison, Mikey Hoyle said.

Except for those people.

You know they catch the COVID more than anybody.

Super spreaders, McAnus said.

Probably a colored White House waiter gave it to Mr. Trump, Hoyle said.

Biden wants to throw open the cell doors and let them out.

You think that’s why Biden’ coming here tomorrow, to spring the coloreds?

Mr. Trump won’t do that.

Yeah, Mr. Trump would never free the slaves.